Hai Van Pass

Hai Van pass Da Nang allures people with its unique beauty. If you are an adventurous tourist craving for thrilling experiences, this route will surely astonish you with spectacular natural scenes and numerous delicacies waiting for you to explore.

Hai Van pass

The majestic beauty of Hai Van pass (Source: Collected)

Hai Van pass Vietnam is recognized as one of the world’s top ten most beautiful coastal roads. This pass is not only connected with numerous historical events, but it is also a wonderful place for many travelers due to its spectacular and artistic beauty that captivates everyone’s heart. The perilous death curve, together with zigzag roads, will create a challenging trek for backpackers and bring incredibly unique experiences.

1. Where is Hai Van pass located?

1.1. Location

Hai Van pass is an outstanding landscape on the north-south national route. It looks like a huge dragon and is located on Highway 1 between Thua Thien – Hue province and Danang City. This is Vietnam’s highest pass (500 meters above sea level). This rugged pass marks the end of the Truong Son Range, which stretches all the way to the sea. 

The poetic name of the Hai Van mountain pass is based on the idea of the mist rising from the East Sea and clinging to the mountaintops. 

Hai Van pass

The location of Hai Van pass (Source: Collected)

Following the history of Vietnam, this pass has been a key barrier to any ground army attempting to move between the country’s northern and central areas. It was known as the ‘Street Without Joy’ during the First Indochina War. The pass used to connect the two war-torn towns of Hue and Danang via Highway 1.

1.2. Features

The most amazing aspect of the journey through Hai Van Mountain pass is the feel of seclusion. There is a certain joy in walking alone in the desolate dense forest. The green woods contrasting with the waves in the azure sea have created the most picturesque scene ever. 

Hai Van pass

Amazing landscapes create impressive pictures (Source: Collected)

The massive chasm lining the mountain’s peak is speckled with the light and dark green colors of the trees. This majestic scene is filled with fantastical clouds floating in the sky, making Hai Van pass an ideal place for enjoying a cup of coffee, immersing oneself in the tranquil view of Hai Van pass and watching the trees swaying in the breeze.

Many hikers like to explore this pass since it evokes a variety of emotions. You will be quite eager and fascinated when you leave the city. When you are ready to approach the twisting and treacherous route, you will be worried and a bit terrified. The farther you go, the more you will be awed by the breathtaking natural scenery. 

Hai Van pass

The tranquil vibe at Hai Van pass (Source: Collected)

The pass has a unique climate since it crosses the country from the west to the east and is also an east-west spur of the Truong Son Annamite Range. The air is frequently damper and cooler to the north of the hill than to the south. If you have enjoyed the sunlight at the foot of the mountain, you will be amazed by the chilly weather with fog as you cross the peak of the pass.

1.3. Ways to travel to Hai Van pass in Vietnam

The Hai Van pass is an excellent route to travel all the way between Hoi An, Hue, and Danang via an extended peaceful and gorgeous coastal road that avoids the crowded National Highway 1.

There are 2 common ways for you to choose:

  • Riding from Hoi An or Danang to the south of the Hai Van pass – The convenient way: Even if you depart in Hoi An, you will still need to go through Danang and Hai Van pass to get to Hue. The pass is located more than 25 kilometers north of Danang city center.
  • Riding from Hue to the North of The Hai Van pass – The challenging way: The closer you are to Da Nang, the easier it is to get to Hai Van pass. However, if you are in Hue, you can still visit Hai Van pass with ease. The pass is more than 70 kilometers away from the town of Hue. The shortest route to this place from Hue is to depart at Hue city center and follow National Highway 1 to Lang Co Town. However, if you are traveling from Danang to this pass, you should take the coastal route to see the breathtaking scenery of Pho Loi River, Thuan An Peninsular, the fishing towns, Elephant Spring, Bach Ma National Park, and Lang Co Bay.

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